3 Ways to Add Value to your Home with Eco Plumbing

As a growing number of us are eco-conscious, we’re looking for different methods to save water and energy in our home. There are plenty of ways to do this, but one room people often ignore is the bathroom. You can set up various eco plumbing measures and conserve water along with money on your costs.

Purchasers are more most likely to make a deal on a residential or commercial property that has an updated bathroom, so making the modifications will not just assist the environment and save money, but you’ll also increase your house’s worth.

Consider your pipes

Are your pipes made of steel, cast iron or lead? If you update them to PEX pipes, which are made from a cross-linked polyethylene plastic called HDPE, you’ll immediately be more energy efficient. There is less likelihood of these types of pipelines breaking, cracking or bursting, so they will save you money in the long term too.

If you’re not too worried about changing all your pipelines, you must insulate them, particularly the ones that connect to the boiler. The water will be kept warmer as it moves through your house.

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Change to a combi boiler

The bulk of British houses nowadays have combi boilers, and they’re a win with homebuyers. If you’re a household of less than 5 without any more than two bathrooms, a combi boiler might save you money. Combi boilers do not have a hot water tank, meaning that they warm water on demand rather than heating hot water when it’s not required. No more waiting for the water to heat up when you want a bath!

Update your taps

New taps can offer a contemporary style to your bathroom without much effort. Chrome is out – copper, nickel or brass are in. An eco plumbing pointer is to include aerators to your brand-new taps and you’ll conserve water and cash. Aerators add air to the water circulation so you still get the same sort of pressure utilising less water.

Modification of your shower heads

There are lots of eco shower heads on the market that will reduce your spend on water and heating while impressing prospective buyers that you’ve got the latest eco plumbing innovation. You can personalise the circulation and water pressure of the shower head so it fits you, so you can conserve water and still have a relaxing shower that’s perfect for you.

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Emily Rivers

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