How to Create your Own Personal Spa Bathroom

If you’re one of the lucky ones that has a large bathroom, how about turning it into your own personal spa bathroom? Imagine coming home after a long day at work and being able to relax in a peaceful, tranquil environment.

And we’ll let you into a secret – it doesn’t have to cost over the odds.

With some simple design tips, you can create a spa-like bathroom without having to get the builders in to do any remodelling or construction.

Go natural

Have you noticed how spas always reflect the outdoors? To give your bathroom a spa-like feel, add natural materials to the room, such as bamboo, cork and wood.

You could even insert some natural stones and shells from the beach – just remember to clean them first!

Upgrade your loo seat

Go for that ultra-pampered style and splash out on a heated toilet seat. Yes, it’s a luxury – but it’ll be a welcome one in the winter months.

Add candles

candles in spa bathroom
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Candles are a perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere. We suggest getting scented ones that suit your sense of smell and in colours that match the decor of your bathroom.

Invest in a new showerhead

Showerheads are easy and inexpensive to change, so this is one of the first things you should do. Choose a rain showerhead for a spa-like feel, or go all out and get one with massage features and music!

Get plush towels

One of our favourite things about visiting the spa is their soft fluffy towels. Treat yourself to some good-quality towels and a wall-mounted towel warmer so you can step out of the bath or shower into a welcoming warm towel.

bath caddy for spa bathroom
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If you’re lucky enough to have room, consider adding a chair or a small table to your bathroom. It’ll make all the difference in making your bathroom somewhere inviting and to relax in. You could also consider adding plants and artwork to modernise the room.

Buy or make a bath caddy

Bathtub caddies are perfect for making finishing touches to a spa bathroom. Make or source one from rustic wood to fit a book, candles, your favourite bubble bath and maybe even a glass of wine.

If you’re not afraid of remodelling…

Freestanding baths

Standalone baths are one of our favourite additions to a bathroom. Clawfoot baths add luxury to your bathroom and certainly give it that spa-like feel.

Mood lighting

Bright lighting is perfect for rushed mornings and to apply make up, but what about when you want to wind down after a stressful day? Consider adding dimmable lighting so you can have control over the ambiance and create that perfect spa bathroom by adding soft lighting when you want it.

Emily Rivers

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