Make needed improvements to the shower

We’re always looking for ways to improve the home as it’s best to have our property looking as great as it possibly can be.

So when you come to conducting your next home improvement, how about looking at the bathroom or shower room.

This is a fantastic room to consider as the bathroom is one of the focal points of any home.

And the good news is, the improvements we recommend below aren’t tricky to implement and won’t break the bank either.

Increase the water pressure

Are you used to an under par shower? If so, then why? We’re not talking about the hygienic issues of your shower but actually the shower strength itself. You may possibly need to change the whole showerhead, which isn’t particularly expensive, but we have one tip that can help you increase the pressure.

Soak the showerhead overnight in a mixture of vinegar, baking powder and water. In a minimum of four hours the acidic properties will get at the limescale and break it down.

Choose an energy efficient showerhead

Nowadays it’s all about being green and environmentally friendly, and this doesn’t end when it comes to the bathroom. A water efficient showerhead will limit the amount of water that’s used, without you actually feeling any difference whatsoever. Clever ah? Want to know if you should invest in an energy saving showerhead? Simply place a 2L bucket when you shower and if it’s full within just 12 seconds, there are savings to be made.

Bring in some plants

You might think it a little strange to have plants in the bathroom, but actually it’s quite common in many households. Not only can plants brighten up the room, but they also clean the air around you. If you’re looking for some perfect plants to do this for your bathroom, take a look at the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Golden Pothos. And don’t worry because they’re not affected by steam.

Show your creative side

Ok, so your shower is sorted and you’re running more efficiently; now it’s time to take a look at your bathroom’s décor. There’s a whole world out there of colours and styles, so you can really get down to what you love. Something we’ll always recommend is painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls as this tends to lift the room and give it an airier feel.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • |Improving the bathroom can be as easy as adjusting the shower’s water pressure to give you a better experience.
  • Show your creative side in the bathroom with a range of stunnig ideas and designs to take note of.
  • Find out how efficient your shower is by placing a bucket in with you. If it’s full within 12 seconds you can save money!
  • Don’t be afraid to completely refurbish the bathroom to make the most of space available.

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