Advice on Picking a Bathroom Pro

Picking a bathroom pro is a job that requires a good amount of time and effort. A top quality professional can leave you with a stunning bathroom but a poor one will just waste your time and money.

Choosing a tradesperson

There are several things you can do to make your search for a reliable pro easier.

Ask them to come to your property to quote

When you get a quote from a professional, ask them to visit your property and take a look at the work that needs doing. This will help you get a reliable quote. Quotes made over the phone can often be inaccurate.

Get lots of quotes

Don’t stop at one or two: make sure you get quotes from lots of different tradespeople. This way you can compare them and work out who is offering you a fair price. This will also help you to avoid inaccurate quotes that won’t get you the service you need.

Avoid cold callers

It’s best not to get quotes from pros who turn up at your door without an appointment. They might not be who they say they are and their work could be poor quality. Instead, ask friends and family for recommendations or use our service to find some local pros.

Check company name, address and insurance details

When you get a quote from a tradesperson, make sure you note down their company name and address and ask for proof of these details and their insurance. This means that you’ll know for sure who they are and where to find them.

Research customer reviews

Before you hire a pro, have a look online to see if they have any customer reviews. If you’ve found them through our service, there’ll probably be some on their Quotatis profile page. If you can’t find any, ask them for some references. This will help you find out the standard of their work.

Picking a bathroom pro

There are a few other things that are worth doing when you’re picking a bathroom pro.

Ask about their qualifications

There aren’t any specific qualifications that you have to have to do bathroom work, but a good bathroom pro should usually have some plumbing and tiling qualifications. If they’re claiming to do good work in something they haven’t got any qualifications in, make sure you see some photos of their work before hiring them.

Check if they’re certified to work with electricity and/or gas

If your bathroom project involves fitting an electric shower or a gas water heater, you need to make sure that your chosen pro is a certified electrician or gas engineer. You can check up on them by contacting the electrician certification body that they’re registered with or looking them up on the Gas Safe Register.

If you’re finding picking a bathroom pro difficult, we can help. Fill in our online form and we’ll connect you with up to 4 local professionals.