Question and Answers

Question and Answers

What is a corner fitted toilet?

Corner toilets are a great space saver and as the name suggests, will be fitted into the corner of the bathroom to give you more space in the middle of the room.

What does W.C. mean?

WC stands for water closet, but in a wider sense is known as the toilet.

What is included in a 4-piece bathroom suite?

The four piece bathroom suite comprises of the pottery fixtures. This includes the toilet pan, cistern, wash basin and pedestal. Five piece bathroom suites will have the extra of a bidet.

What is an ensuite bathroom?

Ensuite bathrooms are often smaller than the home’s main bathroom facilities and joined onto a bedroom for convenience. Ensuite bathrooms can add as much as 20% to a property’s value.

What is the difference between a top-flushing and a side-flushing toilet?

The difference is recognised in the names. Top-flushing toilets will often have a push button at the top of the cistern, whilst side-flushing toilets will be operated by a handle.

What is a walk-in shower?

Walk-in showers don’t have any doors or framework, allowing you to simply walk in and use straight away.
What is a bifold shower door?

Bifolding shower doors normally consist of two panels that can be folded together when the shower is not in use.

Is the glass safe for use in a shower?

Safety glass is often used for the panes in shower screens. This is incredibly hard to break, making it extremely safe. Safety glass is both tougher and thicker than regular glass.

What is a bath shower mixer?

Bath shower mixers are used to mix water together to create a suitable temperature for your shower.

What is a bridge?

A Bridge is the horizontal connection between the hot and cold water taps.

What is a Bath Screen?

Bath screens will line the edge of the bath and are normally fitted when a shower will be used in the bath to prevent water spilling onto the floor. They take the place of shower curtains and will be manufactured from toughened glass.

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