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Styling your bathroom: Fantastic designs

Ready to bring style and sophistication to your home? Then it’s time to update your old and tired bathroom and turn it into something of your dreams.

A bathroom remodel can completely transform your home, wowing friends and family alike. Whether you prefer a peaceful bath in the evening or shower in the morning before work, a new bathroom can set you in a good mood.

No matter if you have a general idea of the style you’re keen on, or just looking for ideas, take a look through the following options to get one step closer to your beautiful new bathroom.


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Do you prefer to have a modern edge to your home? Then the contemporary design is exactly for you with its comfortable, yet simple and sophisticated appeal. Contemporary bathrooms are all about clean line and selective use of bold colours. You can get some fantastic designs with a contemporary setting which are sure to wow you and any visitors to your home.


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Are there too many brilliant bathroom styles to choose from and you want to take a little from everything? Then why not go for an eclectric styled bathroom, which takes elements from a range of designs and creates a truly bespoke look. With expert help you can transform your bathroom, with the different elements blending seamlessly. You can earmark your personality on the bathroom and not conform to a set styling.


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Although similar, the modern style isn’t to be confused with contemporary and refers to an era between the 1920s and 1950s. So what do you get with a modern bathroom? Typically, modern bathrooms are renowned for their use of clean lines and natural materials, with the moderate use of colour. Modern bathrooms are known to have large windows too, allowing plenty of natural light into the room, with tiling present from floor to ceiling.


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If the modern vibe isn’t exactly your cup of tea, and you’d rather a more traditional appeal for your bathroom with a countryside edge, then take a look at the variety of options open to you. The fixtures and fittings really define a traditional bathroom so think carefully about the bath and cabinets, using a natural colour palette.


Bathroom transitional
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One of the downsides to modern bathrooms tends to be that they lack a warm and inviting appeal. Is this something you feel’s missing with the modern and contemporary designs? Then look no further than transitional styles. Transitional bathrooms take the best from traditional and contemporary designs to create a fantastic look that is relaxing, yet clean and crisp too.

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