Tips for renovating your bathroom

Do you have an idea of what you want your bathroom to look like? One thing’s for sure, your vision is probably a lot different to the room’s current appeal.

Of course, as with the design for any room you’ll want to ensure avoiding any mistakes that could prove costly at a later date.

Take a look at our advice below:

Storage space

In the bathroom you need to ensure having plenty of storage space. Think about it, you’ll want somewhere to store shower gels, soaps, toothpaste, brushes and even towels. There’s a fine line between having a bathroom that looks uninhabited and a cluttered space. So make sure you have enough storage space to cater for your needs.

The bath and shower

Of course, anyone’s dream bathroom will have both a bath and shower. But is there really the room for both? Instead of putting one in each corner, why not instead consider combining the two. You could even invest in a P shaped bath to give you more space when showering.

The materials

Moisture occurs in every bathroom and as such you need to give great consideration to humidity and mould related issues. The quality of the materials used needs to be considered; whether this is paint designed for wet areas, mould resistant wallpaper or non-slip flooring.


Another factor to ensure is that your bathroom doesn’t become too cluttered. The last thing you want is too many appliances so that shower doors bang into the sink or toilet when open or cupboards can’t fully extend. This is easy enough to avoid by measuring up beforehand or using a professional company to take care of the installation.

The toilet

It doesn’t take a genius to see that a toilet is the least attractive of the features in any bathroom, so don’t give it a prominent role. It shouldn’t be the first thing you see when entering. Consider placing it to the left or right rather than in a central positioning.

The bathroom’s position

Would you really want to have a bathroom next to your dining room? When you redesign the bathroom you also have the chance to move it to another area of the home and although it may set you back a little more, it’s rare that your plans can’t be accommodated by a professional.

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